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Efoil Delta is proud to be an Authorized Flite Service Partner. We believe this is what will set us apart from our competitors and will provide a level of service that is above and beyond what's currently available from most brands of Efoil.

As a previous owner of another brand of Efoil we chose to represent Flite in our business based on their designs that will eliminate some of the most common faults with an Efoil. By taking and moving all the components inside the mast they have eliminated all water connections, motor connections, and the delicate data connections. The only thing that requires a connection is the hot and ground on the battery.

Flite, as a manufacturer, understands the need to be able to provide service in a timely and efficient manner on a product that is high tech. Therefore, they have mentored a program that will allow certain dealers to provide warranty repairs and service on their products. Rather than having to send your board across the country or even outside the United States for repair, we are able to maintain and service your boards on site here in California. So should you unfortunately need repair or replacement parts we will get you back enjoying Flite in a timely manner.